Michelle Obama Made a Valentine's Day Playlist for Barack and It's wonderful


Michelle Obama has dedicated a touching playlist featuring Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Rihanna to her husband, former President Barack Obama. "You make every day and every place better", he tweeted. Because this year she said it with song, by putting together a playlist just for him-which she also shared with all of us.

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday removed an article from his radio show's website that claimed the official portrait of former President Barack Obama contained secret images of sperm. The number of tracks refers to Barack's presidential number as the 44th POTUS.

Couples goals! Former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama are sending each other the most loving Valentine's Day messages that will melt your heart.

Michelle Obama chose Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald.

She also shared a sweet throwback photo of his time on the campaign trail for his 56th birthday, captioning the photo, "Another year older, but the same phenomenal guy I married almost 25 years ago".

Valentines Day always comes with pressure for couples.

But Michelle isn't the only one sharing her love for the world to see. "But all those folks who helped me be here today, they are with us physically and they are with us in spirit". President Obama would later thank Sherald, "for so spectacularly capturing the grace, beauty, intelligence, charm, and hotness of my wife".

Even Coldplay makes an appearance, with the song "Fix You".

While the Obamas' social media handles provide sneak peeks into their endearing togetherness, if you're truly fans of the couple and their love story, it's former official White House photographer, Pete Souza's Instagram that you need to follow.