Nobody seems to like the update to Snapchat


When Snapchat introduced its latest redesign late previous year, they billed it as way to make the photo and video messaging app more personable.

Over 600,000 Snapchat users signed a petition on asking the company to revert back to the old version of the app. Many analysts had blamed the design of the app.

The new layout rolled out in November to a small number of users, but it seems the company pushed it to mass market over the weekend.

The most recent user reviews complain the update is a big reason for the lower rating. Let us know down in the comments.

Snapchat reiterated its statement that updates "can take a little getting used to". To find your friends' stories, you will have had to swipe left, where they now sit interspersed within your direct messages.

The photo and video-sharing app has updated to separate content and interactions with friends from public and branded content from news services and other businesses.

If this tweet gets 50,000 retweets, Snapchat said it will give users the option to switch to the old Snapchat format! Back in November 2017, CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, released a 60-second video to demonstrate the then "upcoming' changes, where he explained "While blurring the lines between professional content creators and your friends has been an interesting Internet experiment, it has also produced some unusual side-effects (like fake news) and made us feel like we have to perform for our friends rather than just express ourselves".

In 2017, Snapchat struggled with developing its user base because of stiff competition in Instagram.

"Many users have found that it has not made the app easier to use, but has in fact made many features more hard", the petition says.