Pain Follows Jessica Jones Like a Shadow in Her New Trailer


Netflix had already released a teaser for Jessica Jones' second season. The fact that she also actively runs away from her problems and is far from a ideal woman is icing on the cake.

A trailer has dropped in anticipation of the second season of Jessica Jones, and although second seasons of just about any show struggle to find a cohesive footing, that kind of issue doesn't appear to plague the eponymous superp-owered detective's new journeys. Usually we get the whole origin myth out of the way at the beginning. "I have 17 years of questions and they are deep".

The trailer sees Jessica (Krysten Ritter) haunted by the tragic death of her family, who all died in a auto accident when she was much younger (post-accident she was put through the series of brutal experiments that resulted in her superhuman strength).

It looks like there will be more of the same in Season 2. Jessica Jones, following in Daredevil's footsteps, helped prove that this darker, more grounded and adult take on the MCU could work.

It seems that Jones is investigating the horrific crash that killed her parents, and the sinister lab that experimented on her and gave her super powers for some unknown reason. Her comic book counterpart is known as Hellcat, and while Season 1 saw Trish pushed down of self-defense training, she'll be taking it to the streets and even wielding a gun at one point-"Jessica might not want a sidekick", she says, "but she needs one".

The second season will start streaming on Netflix on 8 March. Like I mentioned before though, there's a good chance I am wrong and there's a lot more substance to this (the fact that every single episode is directed by a woman does hint strongly that this show is not shirking its creative direction).