Pet Products Recalled for Salmonella Infection Risk


Reading found in the children was also found in four samples of Raws for Paws Ground Turkey Food for Pets that was used to feed the family dog.

Recalls were issued for Bully Stick 3 pack seven-inch packs with UPC stamp 7 85184 25105 8 and exp. Various products were recalled after 2 children became ill and a cat died.

Darwin's Natural Pet Products recalled select lots of its Darwin's ZooLogics dog food, which includes ZooLogics Chicken and Vegetable Meals for Dogs manufactured November 2, 2017 and ZooLogics Duck and Vegetable Meals for Dogs manufactured November 16, 2017. The six animal cases were connected to consumption of Darwin's Natural and ZooLogics pet foods, manufactured by Arrow Reliance Inc., over the period from October 17, 2016, to February 10, 2018.

The FDA said there have also been complaints about at least three animals who were reportedly hurt by bone shards in the Darwin's Natural raw pet food products.

Follow-up testing of Blitz by FDA's Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Network confirmed that the dog was infected with Salmonella. In each instance, the company recalled these products after being alerted to positive findings of Salmonella and/or Listeria monocytogenes in samples of their raw pet food products. However pets do not always have symptoms, which for animals include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. "Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans". On Feb. 5, Christofersen Meats, doing business as Swanson Meats, in Minneapolis, (and no relation to Swanson Meals), launched a recall of approximately 4,000 lbs. of the company's 5-lb. and 1-lb. chubs of ground turkey pet food. "Pet owners who choose to feed raw pet food should be aware of the risks associated with these products", the federal agency said.

"Even a single cell is enough to make an animal or human sick", Rutgers University professor of food microbiology Don Schaffner said, USA Today reported.

The recalled products were distributed in pet specialty retail stores.

ZooLogics Duck with Vegetable Meals for Dogs lot 41957 and ZooLogics Chicken with Vegetable Meals for Dogs lot 41567 were sold online.

The FDA said the latest recall was sparked by a complaint that an adult dog that had recurring diarrhea over a nine-month period. The Darwins Natural raw pet food that the dog had been fed was also positive for Salmonella. Consumers who purchased affected products are urged to throw them away, clean and disinfect any bowls or other surfaces that may have been contaminated, and contact health care providers or veterinarians.

"We test every product lot before it leaves our manufacturing plant". This lot code, expiry date 112120ABC, was tested both at our Redbarn lab and by a third-party testing facility. Those tests were negative. The affected packages were in cases with codes 9900008, 9900009, 9900014, and 9900015. The recalled pet food was sold in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin as well as online.

The FDA has investigated six complaints of illness and death in animals that have eaten the recalled products.

"We believe this was an isolated incident". No illnesses have been reported in connection with this issue to date.

This contaminated raw pet food is of particular public health importance because of the potential hazard to both human and animal health.

The Raws for Paws want consumers to stop using the ground turkey and give them a call.

"Smokehouse is proud of our consistent quality and safety processes in place".