Peyton High School students could face felony charges for possible threats


During a press conference Thursday, Pickell and Clio school administrators pleaded with students to share information about threats immediately.

Police say they don't believe the student they arrest for the Belen threat is connected to the Los Lunas threat.

Jeff Davis school officials contacted the sheriff's office this morning to report an incident involving a student at Hathaway High School.

The arrested teen will have a court hearing at 9 a.m. Friday, Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes said. According to police, the suspect said he never meant to harm anyone and the threat was a hoax in order to get attention and see the response it would generate. "It's scary, you know, and I'm still telling them, 'Hey, if you see somebody that's an outcast, pull them in".

Kistler said the threat was verbal and the student body was never in any jeopardy.

"We did not feel it was a situation enough to go to that next level", he said. Dr. Seymore communicated with the parents this morning through our school messenger. "It causes a lot of panic among parents and school staff and community members, understandably, with recent events, and we take all threats very seriously". "But as the police reported, there was no real plan, it was kind of a spontaneous comment that was received".

"I want to just keep my kids home", parent Faith Chavez said. "We got that handled as quickly as they were all up and getting ready for school".