Qamar Bajwa in Kabul with United States military commander


As Kabul conference was held on the heels of NATO Defence Ministers' meeting, its deliberations and outcome would surely serve as weighty input for NATO leaders to formulate a logical and feasible strategy to address the Afghan imbroglio.

According to the army's media wing, Commander US CENTCOM, Commander Resolute Support Mission (RSM) and Afghan Army Chief will also participate in the conference.

A two-day security conference involving chiefs of army stafffrom four countries and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation began in Kabul on Monday, officials said.

Responding to the oft repeated USA and Afghan allegations of providing terrorist save havens, the army chief insisted that Pakistan had eliminated all terrorist sanctuaries from its soil.

We also expect that the US-led West would also seriously give thought to oft-repeated suggestion of Pakistan to lay focus on negotiated settlement of the conflict rather than intensified use of military power that has so far produced no worthwhile result except complicating things further.

Kabul is hosting military chiefs from several neighboring countries for a conference to plot a course on how to deal with escalating terrorism in the region. The army chief said that collaborative approach and persistence was the answer to all challenges, for which Pakistan was willing to play its part.

Preliminary talks on ending the war that kills thousands of people each year have stalled. "Like in [Operation Inherent Resolve], where we destroyed the oil production that ISIS depended on to fund their operations, our aim is to choke off the Taliban's ability to fund its deadly attacks, like the recent ones in Kabul".

The participants reminded the world, particularly the European Parliament, that terrorist hideouts in Pakistan not only disrupted security in Afghanistan, but also threatened the entire region, he said.

But the visit of the army chief suggests that the two sides are not giving up and still looking to find a way out of the current impasse.