Renault Zoe gets new motor


Renault has unveiled a new powertrain for its electric line-up that will debut on the Zoe hatchback.

Renault has recently introduced for the first time its new R110 electric motor - first available on the Zoe EV, packing 80 kW - 107 mechanical horsepower - which is an additional 12kW (16hp) more than the predecessor, the R90, while using the same space.

The introduction of the R110 takes the number of variants of the Renault-designed and-produced motor available for Kangoo Z.E., Master Z.E., ZOE and Daimler's smart electric drive up to five (44kW, 57kW, 60kW, 68kW and 80kW).

Elisabeth Delval, Renault's assistant programme director for the Zoe, said: "Thanks to this power boost, the Zoe is even more responsive and versatile when used for journeys out of town". It simulates driving at higher speeds and for longer distances than before and should more accurately calculate the electric range that drivers will experience in real life.

Renault says the new unit will give drivers "crisper acceleration performance on trunk roads", while maintaining the instant torque available at low speeds. A purple trim pack will also be available when the model becomes available to order in spring. Renault says that a series of innovations allowed it to find more power without increasing the motor's size or weight.

The ZOE now brings more choice for buyers. That means color changes to exterior, dashboard trim strip and air vent, gear lever base, loudspeaker surrounds and top stitching. Black and violet interior upholstery completes the look.

Also added to new versions of the ZOE is Android Auto smartphone compatibility through Renault's R-Link Evolution infotainment system.

Order books for the ZOE R110 will open in the United Kingdom in Spring 2018, with first deliveries expected in late summer. Initial customer deliveries are expected to commence in late summer.