Sarah Huckabee Sanders Claims 'We Have Not Declared War On The Press'


Trump recalled an Obama's quote about the possible victory in the presidential election of the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton, and then he referred to the personal triumph that took him to the White House since January 20, 2017.

President Donald Trump began his Wednesday by continuing his days-long Twitter rant centered on the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, this time questioning why Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not investigating former President Barack Obama and his administration in relation to the probe.

WASHINGTON-U.S. President Donald Trump is again attacking his predecessor, suggesting he should have done more to prevent Russian election meddling. "Why aren't Dem crimes under investigation?" he wondered. before adding, "Ask Jeff Sessions!".

A day after those comments, Trump fired off a series of tweets criticizing Sessions.

Trump and Sessions were in the Oval Office together on Tuesday during an event honoring law enforcement officials.

After the election, in the last weeks of his presidency, Obama issued sanctions against nine Russian individuals and entities for election meddling.

On Tuesday, Trump claimed on Twitter that he has "been much tougher on Russian Federation than Obama, just look at the facts".

After questions were raised about contacts Sessions had with the Russia ambassador - and what he knew about Trump campaign efforts to contact Russians - Sessions recused himself from overseeing the special counsel's investigation.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that "everything is fine" in the Russian defence sector, responding to an assertion by the U.S. State Department that sanctions had cost Russia $3 billion in lost defence contracts.

"What happened to Jeff Session?".

Trump has not been seen in public since he arrived at his club late Friday, after a visit to the community shattered by the shooting.

In a rapid-fire series of tweets from his Palm Beach estate, the president unloaded over the Russia investigation, days after an indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russians with a plot to interfere in the 2016 USA presidential election.

Welker asked why, if Trump believes the intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation interfered, he hasn't enforced the sanctions he signed into law last August which were passed by Congress to punish Russian Federation for its actions.

However, Trump has not held a full press conference in more than a year, and has not sat for an interview with a national outlet other than Fox News in several months.

The White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested on Tuesday that news reports will surface "in the coming days" demonstrating how "tough" President Donald Trump has been on Russian Federation.

As new information becomes available, Donald Trump's position has changed to fit his defense [VIDEO] and talking points. Obama also slapped new sanctions on Moscow over its USA election activity.