System to bring state several inches of rain, chance for flooding


Heavy and consistent rains pushed the Blanchard River moved into its action stage Tuesday morning in Ottawa, but it should fall short of the minor flood stage, according to the National Weather Service's Advanced Hydologic Prediction Service.

The Flood Watch that was previously in effect for areas NW has been expanded to include most of central in until Wednesday morning. The Wabash River is now in moderate flood stage through Lafayette and it will crest at 23.5 feet early Thursday morning.

Freezing rain and ice are predicted in much of Northwest Arkansas starting Tuesday night, the National Weather Service said.

The Sugar River at Brodhead hit 9.4 feet, a moderate flood, 2 feet below the record flood of 11.4 feet in 1945.

"The latest data is now showing the possibility of strong thunderstorms on Saturday", Goudsward said, adding there will be "more on that later".

The National Weather Service advises motorists that if you see flooding to turn around, don't drown. The city of Stryker will likely see flowing water well above the bounds of the river, into surrounding low-lying fields.

Landowners are also advised to make sure that dams, culverts and catch basins are free from debris and functioning properly, if safe to do so, said Gagnon.

The river forecasts are updated twice a day.

There are already signs of high water in our region, and there is more rain in the forecast. The second highest was 15.63 feet in 2008. Farther west, however, heavy rain-accompanied by sharply colder air-is spreading across the mid-South. With rising river levels, some flooding may occur.

"We expect the Clinton River to crest by the late morning or noontime (Wednesday)", said meteorologist Trent Frey. It was expected to crest at 15 feet later Wednesday. In contrast, mostly dry weather will prevail in Florida, as well as the northern and southern High Plains. The report also mentioned that ice cover on rivers could lead to rapid rises of flooding as well, but is dependent on heavy rains.