Teacher Pay Raise Bill Heads to Governor as Walkout Looms


This will cost the state and local law enforcement millions, which is why the bill must now move to a fiscal committee. Boyd said the bill should go up for a vote by the middle of next week. The focus this week was ensuring we were passing as many good pieces of legislation as possible, something we excelled at with 19 bills being heard on the Senate floor. But then the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that because the House over-ride came during the regular session and the Senate over-ride was in the over-ride session, that was unconstitutional.

The measure, part of the Step Up Oklahoma proposal, failed to garner the super majority of votes required for tax hikes.

Republican Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, said everyone's hearts go out to those in Florida affected by the tragedy.

The Senate leaders said they'll likely consider medical school funding next week after they tackle the lottery spending issue.

Cash-and-cuts bills that the Senate passed Wednesday are now on their way to Gov. Mary Fallin's desk.

"When the Board of Equalization certifies that number, we have to take action to replace it before we do any other appropriations type of work", Schulz said. It is administered by State Treasurer Ken Miller's office.

The programs are in jeopardy of losing accreditation due to a disagreement with the federal government over funding.

Senate budget chair Kim David, R-Porter, said it's time to finish with the current budget, so leaders can begin work on the 2019 fiscal year.