Trump threatens veto against immigration deal without his plan


But a major variable hangs over the efforts of lawmakers as they begin what could be a weekslong and politically bruising process: What kind of legislation will President Trump ultimately support?

The GOP proposal from several senators including Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas and Chuck Grassley of Iowa seeks to mirror the terms set out by Trump.

Colorado's US senators say they are focused on protecting Dreamers as the Senate begins debate on an immigration measure, though lofty asks from the White House and a host of competing bills from various factions of the Senate could make getting to 60 votes hard.

This time, Mr. Trump has insisted that any bill address what the White House is calling "four pillars": protecting the DACA recipients; beefing up border security, including funding for the president's proposed border wall; ending or severely limiting family-based migration; and doing away with the diversity visa lottery, which is aimed at encouraging immigration from underrepresented nations.

In a tweet Tuesday, Mr. Trump asserted that Democrats and Republicans must act now to provide legal protections to young "Dreamer" immigrants in the US illegally.

The Senate is now considering an unrelated piece of legislation McConnell brought up to serve as a placeholder for an eventual immigration bill.

Trump in September announced he was rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, created in 2012 under his Democratic predecessor President Barack Obama, that protects Dreamers from deportation and offers them work permits.

Trump also revealed his plans for improving the nation's infrastructure Monday, and Thune said that will be another issue needing 60 votes, so it will be challenging to figure out how to attract Democrats. He said Trump "is trying to force his unpopular, hard-line immigration agenda down the throats of the American people".

Contres said Gardner still supports the bipartisan proposal he, Bennet and the others came up with, saying that proposal "touched on the parameters that the administration said were priorities for them".

The GOP proposal would also eliminate the Diversity Visa Lottery and reuse those visas to lower the existing immigration backlog. It starts with $25 billion for increased border security, and includes everything else - and more - pushed by the President. David Perdue (R-GA). But can this plan muster a majority on the Senate floor?

The White House has not weighed in on any of the legislative options, but Trump has insisted that any immigration bill also include funding for a wall along the US border with Mexico. Some Democrats say that is the path most likely to produce a measure that 60 senators can support. Barring an unlikely last-minute agreement, the Senate is expected to begin debating the issue and it is unclear what if any plan will survive.

That, he pointedly said, would mean passage by the Senate and the House of a measure "which the president will sign".

"He offered a fair compromise", said Hensargling", and instead the Minority Leader slapped his hand and called it 'insulting.' She called it 'lame, ' she called it 'dangerous'".

President Donald Trump was up early Tuesday morning to tout his proposals on immigration and infrastructure as they face uncertain prospects in Congress.

Ryan said on Wednesday the House "clearly" must address legislation next month to deal with the Dreamers.

"This plan to fix our immigration system will ensure we aren't back here in just a few years", Perdue said.