United Nations envoy: This time in Syria is unsafe, violent, worrying


One of the most confounding - and risky - aspects of the six-year-conflict in Syria is that its roster of combatants continues to broaden.

"Those should leave Syria who are there without the permission of the Syrian legal government", Velayati was quoted as saying by ISNA, answering a question about Tillerson's comments.

Now another subplot is emerging, involving one of America's strongest allies: Israel.

The Foreign Ministry asked its ambassadors to emphasize to the senior political leaders in the countries where they are stationed that Iran's entrenchment in Syria could increase the Islamic Republic's desire to carry out additional attacks on Israel, which would lead to an escalation of hostilities in the entire region.

According to the Israeli military, was attacked by 12 goals, including three anti-aircraft missile battalion and four military Iranian targets in Syria, according to Reuters. There's much more to this than a violation of airspace.

"Earlier this week, Iranian-backed militias in southern Syria launched a drone into Israeli territory". Tehran provides military support to Assad, but is also fortifying its own military presence in Syria, not far from Israel's northern border, and helping its Shiite ally, Hezbollah, build up forces outside the Israel-occupied Golan Heights.

Hailey tied the incident to an attack by pro-Syrian regime forces on US-backed coalition forces last week, accusing "actors", likely a veiled reference to Iran, of engaging in "a unsafe game of pushing boundaries, instead of behaving responsibly and committing to peace". Israel then conducted a series of airstrikes against positions in Syria, including the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle's mobile command center, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

She added that the USA will continue to stand by Israel when it is "confronted with provocations from Iran, Hezbollah, or the Assad regime".