We don't communalise martyrs: Army slams Owaisi over 'Muslim martyrs' comment


About the situation in Kashmir, Anbu said, "The enemy is frustrated and is trying softer targets". General Devraj Anbu yesterday sharply rebutted Assaduddin Owaisi by saying that the Army doesn't believe in communalizing martyrs after the Hyderabad member of parliament had questioned why people were silent on sacrifices of Muslim soldiers in recent terrorist attacks in Jammu. "They are the one who are actually making such statements", he said, adding "they need to visit us to see themselves how we put everything aside and live together". "In 2017, we focused on leadership and eliminated it", Lieutenant General Devraj Anbu said.

Citing the five Kashmiri Muslims, including soldiers, killed in the terror attack on a Jammu Army camp, Owaisi on Tuesday slammed those who question the patriotism of Muslims, asking why they were silent on this issue.

"We (Muslims) are giving our lives but the terrorists are killing us too as they are not discriminating anybody on the basis of religion".

He also blamed social media for acting as a catalyst in brewing militancy. There is no differentiation; they keep jumping from one Tanzim (group) to other.

He said that the army is continuing with its "pro-active" strategy in the aftermath of the 2016 militant attack in which 17 soldiers died when militantists stormed the brigade headquarters at Uri in North Kashmir.

"In this (Sunjuwan attack) incident, five Kashmiri Muslims have laid down their lives". Just a few days back, Owaisi while speaking in the Parliament during the Budget Session had asked the government to frame a law of giving punishment to those who call Indian Muslims as Pakistanis.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday countered AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi's defence of the "patriotism" of Indian Muslims by asking him to think hard about the religion of those who oppose the Army by joining terror outfits. "While immediately behind the borders we have strengthened ourselves and we are very well prepared, it picked up soft targets", he said.

While warning anyone who picks up arms against the state, the army commander said they will be dealt with sternly.

The army commander of the strategically-important Northern Command, which looks after the borders from Ladakh to Jammu, maintained that the force would continue with its endeavour of ensuring zero infiltration. "I do not feel that we really need to do tit for tat".