A star for Skywalker


He will be the first global guest of honour, with organisers planning to make it an annual feature of the parade. Honing in more on his director's duties, we also get to see Johnson working with Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley as they workshop a now-famous scene and shape it into what will eventually appear in front of millions of fans around the world.

After Luke's run-in with the First Order on the red salt planet, Hamill said he told Johnson that Luke should brush off his shoulder twice like a former United States president has been known to do.

"We just said, 'Look we need to go back and look at Empire Strikes Back, we need to look at how Stuart [Freeborn] created Yoda because that is the most pure puppet moment, '" Scanlan explains.

Carrie Fisher may be gone, but no one is forgetting her, especially her Star Wars family.

Now we see that he was home, and it was an emotional return for him.

"Since filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens in County Kerry, Mark has been a great ambassador for Ireland and it is fantastic to have someone of such universal - even galactic - acclaim in this new honorary role".

The video is part of the documentary The Director and the Jedi, which tracks Johnson as he puts together the latest Star Wars installment.

Can you imagine Star Wars without the signature music of John Williams? Apparently, his great-grandmother Elizabeth Keating was born in Kilkenny in December 1873 and left Ireland for America when she was a teenager. Mark's great-great-grandparents were Frederick Mumford, a young English sailor, and Mary Harvey, a recent Irish immigrant at the time, who married in 1864, after which they moved to Manhattan to raise a family.

Mark Hamill has been named as the worldwide guest of honour for this year's St. Patrick's Festival.

A firm highlight of St. Patrick's Festival, the Festival Parade on March 17 will weave its way through the heart of the capital city in a flourish of colour and flair.