Babies 'R' Us Is Closing Alongside Toys 'R' Us


Toys "R" Us has 735 stores nationwide, including one in Terre Haute.

Following the announcement that Babies "R" Us will be closing alongside Toys "R" Us, parents have to deal with more strain added to the stress that comes with shopping and planning for a baby as they wonder what will happen to their gift registries and gift cards.

Toys "R" Us was the last remaining speciality toy retailer in the United States and hundreds of companies relied on its big-box stores as a showcase for both innovative toys as well as classics.

The brick-and-mortar presence would make it easier for them to sell their products in physical stores. Amazon sees voice as the next interface for people to access technology - supplanting computer mouses and touch screens - and the benefits may be easier to demonstrate in a real-world setting. The meeting has been called to help allay fears among Whole Foods suppliers as the grocery store undergoes changes under its new owner. Nothing came of the talks.

The company, which filed for bankruptcy in September, announced plans to shut down its us operations last week.

Toys "R" Us is present in 19 locations in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Even as Toys "R" Us liquidates in the United States, it is trying to maintain business-as-usual in Canada, Europe and Asia, where it hopes to find a buyer. The company has announced that it will shut down all its stores in the U.K. The future of its stores in Australia, France, Poland, Portugal and Spain are also hanging in balance.