Canada: Trump speaks to Trudeau over phone, stresses on fast NAFTA deal


He said he began talking about steel with Trump at the G7 summit in Sicily past year, when he was emphatic that Canada poses no national security threat to the U.S.

"We have a whole suite of tariffs and countervailing duties that are at our disposal to move forward and ensure that we are not accepting in unfairly-produced or sold steel into Canada", Trudeau said.

President Donald Trump urged the quick completion of the NAFTA negotiations in a phone call with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, amid indications the US wants a deal wrapped up this spring.

"We need tools to deal with this surge", he said, but added that the federal government can't wait for the traditional method of the industry taking cases to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal.

"(We're) highlighting that the imposition of tariffs on Canada would end up hurting the USA nearly as much as it would hurt Canada".

He will follow that up by speaking to steel industry leaders at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel during a round table discussion.

Trudeau told another USA network that he sees them as separate issues: "We don't link together the tariffs and the negotiations with NAFTA", he told CNBC in an interview from a Quebec aluminum plant Monday.

Brazil has said it will seek exemption from the newly imposed tariffs.

Trudeau announcing that Vancouver will be the location of the Women Deliver 2019 Conference
Trudeau announcing that Vancouver will be the location of the Women Deliver 2019 Conference

"The exemptions aren't a magical favour that was being done (for Canada)", Trudeau said. "We know that the collaboration on NORAD, the collaboration on national security issues narrow and broadly is something that is really important to both of our countries".

"(That would) ensure the vitality of United States and North American manufacturing industries and. protect the economic and national security of the United States".

Following Trudeau's visit to Hamilton, he will complete his tour with two more stops in Sault Ste.

'Canadian aluminum is in your fighter jets.

What Trudeau will find here in Hamilton is that steelworkers have a lot of questions and are counting on the Prime Minister to come up with a solid plan to help with the uncertainty of the steel industry. Marie, Ont., and Regina this week.

The president's decision last week exempted Canada and Mexico "at least at this time", and called on the North American Free Trade Agreement partners to "take action to prevent transshipment" of aluminum and steel.

But the USA government also wants to make sure cheap steel being dumped into North America by Brazil, South Korea, China and other countries doesn't enter the United States through a Canadian back door.