Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Is Coming To Nintendo Switch


Another Wii U classic that a lot of people missed out on is getting a second chance at life - and it's Toad's opportunity to be the hero once more!

The Switch version has a two-player mode, where you can control the Captain with one Joy-Con while a friend can play assist against enemies with another controller.

The Wii U ports keep coming.

The games will be released on July 13. Captain Toad has even discovered some new areas to explore not found in Wii U version, featuring various kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey, including New Donk City. But don't sell the 3DS version short.

Oh, and a version of Captain Toad will also be making its way to the 3DS, being built with the handheld's 3D and touchscreen in mind. Both will have extra miniature courses based Super Mario Odyssey, where Captain Toad had a cameo, so you're not missing any content whichever you choose.

Nintendo is bringing Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which originally launched for Wii U in January 2015, to Switch and 3DS worldwide on July 13, the company announced.