Congress member hurls mike at Telangana Legislative Council Chairman, expelled


Venkat Reddy, in an act that has been condemned by all, hurled headphones targeting the Speaker's podium, one of which hit Council Chairman K Swamy Goud on the right eye. The Governor, however, continued his address highlighting various welfare and development programmes of the government.

Talking to reporters, state Congress president and MLA N Uttam Kumar Reddy alleged that the government deployed about 50 "police" personnel inside the House though there were only 12-13 Congress MLAs. The Government has recommended and the house has approved the disqualification of two MLAs and suspension (for this session) of eleven MLAs. Some members tore the governor's speech copy and flung these towards the podium. Opposition BJP members walked out of the house during the address.

On other hand, Congress party is gearing up to protest against the suspensions. Reports state that Goud was sitting adjacent to the Governor while the latter addressed the joint sitting of the legislature. When they stood up for the national anthem after the Governor's address, "another headphone came and directly hit my eye...", the Chairman said. "They should be prepared for alcohol tests if they have the guts", he said, taking a dig at Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

As expected, the Telangana State Assembly took strict disciplinary action against the Congress MLAs. The meeting of the Business Advisory Committee of the Legislature will follow to finalise the agenda and the number of days the Legislature would be in session. As Governor ESL Narasimha started his speech, Congress MLAs started shouting slogans against the government.

Harish Rao said all records, including video footage, would be studied and asserted that appropriate action would be taken against the MLA. Doctors have kept him under observation for 24 hours.