Cynthia Nixon running for governor of NY


Nixon's spouse recently left her job at the New York City Education Department, and it appeared Nixon was filming a campaign ad in the city earlier this month.

Willie Garson, who played the character Stanford Blatch in the HBO series, as well as in the two feature films, also backed Nixon in her jump from acting to politics. "We are now the must unequal state in the entire country, with both incredible wealth and extreme poverty", Nixon says in her announcement video. "How did we let this happen?" she asks.

"I was given chances I just don't see for most of New York's kids today", she said.

Nixon highlighted tackling healthcare, the broken subway and an end to mass incarceration.

Cuomo is below the 50 percent level when registered voters statewide are asked if they want him re-elected this fall. But just 48 per cent of voters told the pollster that they would vote to re-elect Cuomo, and 46 per cent said they'd prefer to elect someone else.

Although Cuomo's name was mentioned more than 100 times in Joseph Percoco's corruption trial, the governor's favorability score held virtually steady at 52 percent, the Siena College poll reported Monday. Nixon has already begun to poke holes in what Cuomo is presenting as progressive bonafides. "But for the past eight years, they're all choices that have been made by our governor, Andrew Cuomo".

Democrats, she said, had grown increasingly frustrated by the Independent Democratic Caucus, a rump of senators who have kept the Republican Party in charge of the New York State Senate. This is a time to stick our necks out, to remember where we came from.

Years before walking onto New York's political stage, Cynthia Nixon shared one with Donald Trump. "Andrew Cuomo promised to clean up Albany, but instead, he and his cronies have cleaned up for themselves".

After months of hinting at the move, Nixon officially announced her candidacy in a tweet Monday, stating "I love NY, and today I'm announcing my candidacy for governor". "I think there are a lot of people who would like me to run for a variety of reasons". "We could take on New York's corrupt political establishment and the billionaire class on Wall Street by passing campaign finance and ethics reform".

Nixon, a native New Yorker who starred in the popular New York City-based Sex and the City, has been rumored for months to be interested in the governor's seat.