Google Doodle celebrates female illustrators and their stories for International Women's Day


International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March, as a call to action to shed light on women issues.

You can also explore the games focus with strong female leads, and of course number one out of the blocks is Lara Croft with Tomb Raider game: Lara Croft Go, but there's other great games in there like Monument Valley 2.

Google Doodle featuring 12 artists from around the world.

In addition to the doodle, Google is asking women to share their own stories about a person or event that has impacted their lives using the hashtag #HerStoryOurStory!

Those familiar with Doodles know that we frequently celebrate extraordinary women throughout history such as prominent inventors, scientists, writers, artists, activists, philanthropists, and so on.

There is an urgent need to highlight "women role models" who are relatable, so that more women get inspired and come forward to utilise economic opportunity, grow and succeed in their businesses, which can ultimately help bridge the gender gap in our society, says a top executive at Google India.

Google is celebrating International Women's Day with (you guessed it) Doodles, but not just any Doodles. "While each artist tells a unique story, the themes are universal, reminding us of how much we often have in common", Google explains. "Happy International Women's Day".

The website argues: "We can't be complacent". But this internationally-viewable Google Doodle won't be limited to the confines of Gauteng.

When users click on the play button of the doodle they are shown thumbnails for each story available to them and can choose the story that's most appealing to them.

Now, there is a full team of doodlers, illustrators, graphic designers, animators and classically trained artists who help create what you see on those days.