KFC in chicken gravy shortage as supply problems continue


Hundreds of KFC outlets in the United Kingdom temporarily closed their doors last week.

Now, before you get yourselves in to a flap - note the shortage looks to be in the United Kingdom and Ireland only.

In an effort to avoid another large fiasco like the chicken incident, supplies for the major fast food chain have been told to deliver ingredients directly to restaurants.

The chicken chain was forced to close hundreds of restaurants last week due to widespread chicken shortages.

"Due to the ongoing distribution challenges DHL is experiencing, some restaurants are continuing to serve a reduced menu", a spokesman told Reuters.

Nearly 700 of KFC's United Kingdom outlets were closed last week after it chose to switch suppliers from Bidvest to DHL. Apparently, they "idled for hours", costing KFC millions of dollars in spoiled chicken and other lost sales. KFC offered no timeline on that, but reassured customers that they felt their pain: "We know that our gravy is a big favorite!"

A closed sign hangs on the door of a KFC restaurant after problems with a new distribution system in Coalville Britain
KFC in chicken gravy shortage as supply problems continue

"I'm eating a KFC in Warrington and they have no gravy".

Last Tuesday the store had no chicken on the bone, no mini fillets or lettuce, and was down to its last half-box of buns.

Not only did they lose the Ashes in demoralising fashion, they now can't dip their chips into more potato mixed with gravy.

"WE'RE SORRY. A chicken restaurant without any chicken".

The chain issued an apology in the for of a newspaper ad showing a photo of a chicken bucket with the KFC logo letters rearranged to read "FCK".

After receiving more similar calls, the police made an appeal to the public, requesting people to stop calling 999 to report the issue. "It's not ideal... Thank you for bearing with us".