Kim Jong-un Seeks Peace Treaty in Trump Talks


While the proposed meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been the subject of banner headlines worldwide, it has garnered no official media coverage in the reclusive North. The US is seeking denuclearization of North Korea, while North Korean officials have also suggested a priority is assuring they don't get attacked by the US. Trump dispensed with decades of U.S. foreign policy orthodoxy with his decision, particularly given that the North Korean leader made only a vague offer-conveyed via a South Korean delegation that visited him-to discuss giving up his nuclear weapons program.

In an unexpected move last week, Trump agreed to hold a first-ever meeting with Kim, which South Korea said would take place by the end of May after a North-South summit in April.

Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet at the truce village of Panmunjom straddling the Korean border, but a venue for the North Korea-U.S. summit has yet to be decided. After the meeting, President Xi expressed support for talks between North Korea and the United States, declaring China is "on the same page" as South Korea on matters of peninsular security. "I would say remain patient, and we'll see what happens", he said. "That is why the Japanese diplomacy is also mendicant one pursuant to the scenario written by the USA", raged North Korea's Rodong Sinmun over the weekend. He noted in a tweet that North Korea has refrained from such tests since November and said Kim "has promised not to do so through our meetings".

Shah told ABC's This Week that the North Koreans "cannot engage in missile testing, they cannot engage in nuclear testing and they can't publicly object to the US-South Korea planned military exercises".

USA national security adviser H.R. McMaster briefed U.N. Security Council envoys in NY on Monday.

The South Korean delegation that met with him said the North Koreans indicated they're prepared to talk denuclearization if they're given certain security assurances. Is it the removal of American troops from South Korea?

The US and the South Korea are also discussing how to conduct upcoming military drills in a way that won't provoke Kim, whose government views the exercises as a rehearsal for war. It has continued to warn the United States and Japan against war-mongering, but its rhetoric has been tame compared with threats exchanged at the height of tensions a year ago.

The meeting could mean the end of the North Korean nuclear weapons program.