Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum buzz


After six seasons with Washington, quarterback Kirk Cousins said goodbye in a blog post Monday.

Blaine Gabbert, Drew Stanton and Matt Barkley are the lone quarterbacks on the roster of the Cardinals, who finished with an 8-8 mark last season.

The Broncos have always been considered to be on the short list of options for Cousins, along with the Jets and Vikings and Cardinals.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, in addition to chronicling his free agency decision, the documentary will offer viewers a glimpse of Cousins' offseason routine, including living with his in-laws, working out, fatherhood and his daily life in general.

Kirk Cousins is officially moving on, but his next destination remains unknown.

Rumor's abound with Kirk Cousins being brought in for big money.

If future generations wonder what life revolved around in 2018, we can only hope they learn how Kirk Cousins whipped the entire National Football League into a frenzy. It's been assumed all along that Brees will re-sign with the Saints, but now that we've reached the legal tampering window without an extension announced, there at least exists the possibility that the 39-year-old could be on the move.

Cousins went on to say that he's grateful for the support from the fans. The coveted quarterback is expected to make visits during free agency, which is good news for Denver. In the last three seasons, since taking over the Redskins' starting job, he's completed 67 percent of his passes, averaging 4,392 yards a season with 11 game-winning drives. And they re-signed linebacker David Harris to a three-year, $21.5-million deal with $15 million guaranteed.

If the Vikings don't land Cousins, Theismann would be surprised if they re-sign Keenum. "Obviously we have to get better there, whoever is going to be the quarterback".

With that said, I trust Rick Spielman to do the right thing, and if that means Cousins on an insanely rich but somewhat short-term contract, I'll get on board and hope for the best. It can be done - nine rookie quarterbacks have led their teams to the playoffs in the past 31 years, most recently Dak Prescott with Dallas in 2016.