Meeting on Video Game Violence at White House Falls Flat


Following the shooting at a high school in Florida last month which saw 17 people killed by a gunman and an astronomical amount of other shootings since the start of 2018, many are looking to find a solution to the issue plaguing our country.

"As we continue to work towards creating school safety programs that protect all children, the president will be meeting with video game industry leaders and members of Congress to discuss violent video-game exposure and the correlation to aggression and desensitization in children", said White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters. Based off first-hand reports from those who attended nothing came of the hour-long meeting that also featured a video reel comprised of clips from certain games. This debate has led to games being censored, the introduction of the industry regulated ESRB (Electronic Software Ratings Board), and much more. "The conversation centered on whether violent video games, including games that graphically simulate killing, desensitize our community to violence".

PTC President Tim Winter told CBN News that violent video games "desensitizes kids to real-life violence, encourages them to resolve disputes with violence and gives them an unfair sense of fear of their environment around them-that it's more risky than it is".

As a result of similar findings, the American Psychological Association called on video game makers to design games that have an increased amount parental controls that limit the amount of violent content.

"During today's meeting, the group spoke with the President about the effect that violent video games have on our youth, especially young males.The President acknowledged some studies have indicated there is a correlation between video game violence and real violence".

The conversation lasted for nearly an hour and was "vigorous" but "respectful", and Trump seemed to be interested in hearing from all sides, said Melissa Henson of the Parents Television Council, a group that advocates against violence and sex in entertainment.

'I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people's thoughts, ' he said last month at a meeting with lawmakers where he brought up his young son. "While he was doing that, there was silence around the room".

"He may be a globalist, but I still like him", Mr. Trump said.

"I think he's deeply disturbed by some of the things you see in these video games that are so darn violent, viciously violent, and clearly inappropriate for children, and I think he's bothered by that", Bozell said.

Meanwhile, Florida Senator Marco Rubio contradicted this, telling The Washington Post that he acknowledges there's no link between video games and violence.

The ESA noted that they discussed how games are protected by the First Amendment so they can't be outright banned (although it seems no one suggested this in the meeting) and that they have a rating system in place that has worked for years.

Trump has linked video games and violence in society for years.