Moto X5 gets cancelled as Motorola fires up to 50% of staff


An anonymous source talking with Android Police said that Motorola is canceling development of the Motorola Moto X5, which would have been the follow-up to the Moto X4 that came out past year. The Lenovo-owned company will continue the Moto Z line, but will instead scrap the Moto X5 that was leaked earlier this year.

Reports about the layoffs emerged a few days ago after a Motorola employee said the company's workforce in Chicago has been halved. The report also says that the Moto brand will be focussing on the E, G, and Z smartphone ranges for now, and even the X series may make a comeback later on which seems unlikely as of now.

As a final note, did Motorola need to turn the headset into a Moto Mod? This basically means we'll likely see more practical Mods come out of the gate such as additional speakers and battery packs rather gamepads and projectors. "Plus it does look like it should work with any phone or at least one with a 5.5" display like the Moto Z series.

Moto, in an official statement to different publications, said that late in the year 2017, Lenovo announced a worldwide resource action that would occur over the next several quarters and impact less than two percent of its global workforce. A post stated that the last working day for the employees affected would be 6 April 2018. This weeks employment reductions are a continuation of that process. According to a developer of one of the third party Moto Mods the layoffs will have a huge impact on the Moto Z and Moto Mod team. The leak of the new Virtual Viewer headset comes courtesy of the reliable leakster Evan Blass, often the first to get his hands on breaking news.

This became very plausible because Liangchen Checn, the creator of Keyboard Moto Mod implied that there is not a direct contact in Chicago, because of the cuts.

Motorola India, announced the opening of 25 new Moto Hubs in Kolkata to strengthen its retail presence.