'No specific plans' for Trump-Putin meet: White House


The newspaper noted that the penalty figure was likely lowered in final agreements.

A draft of the agreement indicated it would seek to penalize staffers $10 million for sharing confidential information, with the money going to the federal government.

One person who signed an agreement said the NDAs were similar to those signed during Trump's campaign.

The Post's source said that Trump made the comment around February or March of 2017, when the White House was trying to tamp down on leaks. "What we do know is that Putin has been elected in their country, and that's not something that we can dictate to them how they operate", said Sanders at the briefing, defending Trump's congratulatory message.

The agreements stipulated officials could face monetary penalties if they disclosed confidential White House information to the press or others, and were meant to remain in effect after Trump was no longer president, according to the report.

"When people are chosen by a man to go into government at high levels and then they leave government and they write a book about a man and say a lot of things that were really guarded and personal, I don't like that", Trump told the Post in 2016. This focus of diGenova is due to his theory that a secretive group of Federal Bureau of Investigation officials made up claims about Russian Federation as a way of trying to keep Trump out of the White House. He served as director of strategic initiatives and worked in the White House Office of American Innovation. "These so-called NDAs are unconstitutional and unenforceable".

Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, recently filed the suit in California, claiming the NDA was invalid because Trump never signed it and because Cohen has discussed some aspects of the agreement publicly. Trump's representatives have denied he had a sexual relationship with Daniels, and have accused her in court filings of violating the NDA 20 times at $1 million per incident. He's now being sued by the porn star Stormy Daniels over what her lawer says is a null and void $130,000 hush agreement to keep her quiet about her alleged affair with the president.