Remember KB Toys? It's making a comeback


A representative of Babies R Us couldn't be reached about the timing of its inventory liquidation. KB Toys is positioned to ensure the toy-buying frenzy of the Christmas season will proceed unhindered!

Giant toy retailer Toys R Us announced they will likely be closing all of its retail locations. Kassoff said in his post that he wanted to "bring back KB Toys the right way so it can compete with not only the big-box stores but online as well".

After the holiday shopping season ends, Kassoff will decide which of the pop-up stores will become permanent, based on their performance and whether he can negotiate a lease.

Kassoff said he's drawn influence from stores like Spencer Spirit Holdings Inc., Go! The company has not said when the location's final day would be. My wife and I still own the Monopoly set we bought-at Toys R US-when we were in college.

We went to a Toys R Us store in Yonkers, New York, that was part of the initial round of store closings.

By reviving the KB Toys brand in malls and stores, the group aims to fill in the gaps left by Toys "R" Us.

Published reports say liquidation sales around the country will start as soon as Thursday, and will continue until all the merchandise is sold. Some lawyers representing these corporations stood in line for eight hours to try and sway the judge to convert the Chapter 11 case to a Chapter 7 one, which would place "the sale of assets placed in the hands of a court-appointed trustee".

Kassoff hopes this move will reverse the fortune of all toy retailers.

"T$3 his category is particularly unique given that about 75% of toy sales occur in the fourth quarter and we are still early in the year", Binder and his team wrote.