Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9


The March security patch for Android released Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018).

It hasn't quite gone on sale yet but the Samsung Galaxy S9 has already had its first update. The Galaxy A5 (2017) also makes an appearance with a 25 May planned update date, while the lone tablet in the bunch the Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 which will be receiving it around 4th of May.

Industry sources told Yonhap News that only 180,000 Galaxy s9 units were distributed through the country's top three carriers on the first day, compared to 260,000 for the Galaxy S8 past year.

"Considering that the Galaxy S9 phones are the first models that are not officially supported by government subsidies, consumers are likely to watch price trends and the market atmosphere for a while", said an official at a mobile carrier. The company, however, has not yet released any sale numbers for the country that could confirm the reports.

The article's sources say that Samsung has made quarterly plans for 12 million shipments in the first quarter, 13 million in the second, 10 million in the third, and eight million in the fourth.

Samsung reportedly shipped around 41 million units of the S8 and S8 Plus while around 48 million units of the S7, launched in 2016, were sold. The source further added that the yield rate of the new flagship handsets was taken into consideration.

A recent report published by global market researcher Gartner showed that around 407.8 million handsets were sold in the fourth quarter last year, down 5.6 percent on-year.

Samsung is targeting users of Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 series smartphones by offering trade-in discounts globally. The entire smartphone business is expected to slow down this year, and all the top players are probably going to be impacted.