Snapchat is reportedly testing a new tagging feature


The battle ensues. This time Snapchat is swiping a feature from Facebook's Instagram.

The guys at Snapchat seem to be playing around with a new feature, not yet rolled out, which copies the "tagging" feature from Instagram.

The feature was first disclosed by Twitter user Matt Rappaport on Thursday.

The company has confirmed that they will be allowing users to tag one another in posts, which echoes certain capabilities found within Instagram. According to reports, the person being tagged won't get any sort of notification or indication that they have been tagged in a photo or video. When someone views this Snap, an option to avail more details will appear as a swipe up. Once rolled out, the feature could not only improve Snap streaks, but also help in greater conversation and user engagement. So if you suddenly get dozens of friend requests without warning, perhaps a friend has gotten tag-happy.

As TechCrunch notes, tagging other users serves as a new way to communicate with friends on the app, while spotlighting your favorite Snapchat users. As spotted by Matt Rappaport and reported by TechCrunch, Snapchat is now testing the ability for users to tag other users within Snaps by including their username in a text field.

Tapping on the username prompts a pop-up that will take them to that profile.

It comes after Snapchat completely overhauled the app's design last November, by separating the app between "social" and "media" in an effort to make the app more personalized and easy to use.