Spotify launched in South Africa at R60/month


David Pak, previous CEO of eMusic, commented on CNN about the war between Spotify and Apple Music. Last we heard, Apple just last month noted that Apple Music had 36 million subscribers, which is to say the company's streaming service saw a 5% bump in users in just about four weeks time.

Apple Music now has 38 million subscribers and 8 million users on three month free trials, Eddy Cue said.

In addition to the 35 million songs already available on Spotify, it is also building up a collection of Israeli music and is already working with a range of local artists.

Founded in 2006 by Ek and Martin Lorentzon in the staid Stockholm suburb of Ragsved, the firm now has 71 million paying customers worldwide, twice that of closest rival Apple Music. "There's a huge gap there and we both have to grow by a significant amount in order to get to the numbers that we should be at". Google does not release paid subscriber numbers for its service, Google Play Music.

Spotify's enormous lead over Apple notwithstanding, some industry observers believe that Apple Music may catch up to and overtake Spotify in just a few months because it appears to be growing at a much faster clip. Apple has been competing with, Inc.

Apple itself seems to be stumbling on its first moves into the smart-speaker space, with its new HomePod suffering from a late release schedule that missed the holiday rush, as well as from lackluster sales performance ever since its release on February 9.