Stormy Daniels' attorney files motion to depose President Trump


Avenatti is just one on a growing list of lawyers looking to question Trump.

In July 2007, a year after they had met, Daniels said Trump asked to meet with her privately at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. This could detrmine if laws were broken by Mr. Cohen, President Trump, or the Trump Campaign.

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, told MSNBC on Monday that his client is receiving "threats on a near-hourly basis" and that "she's certainly scared for her safety and the safety of her family".

Stormy Daniels during her interview on 60 Minutes. Cohen says Daniels could owe $20 million for violating the agreement.

The filing in the Superior Court of California followed a "60 Minutes" interview aired on Sunday night in which Ms Clifford described the encounter she had with Mr Trump more than 10 years ago. Clifford said that she took a $130,000 payment to stay quiet about the affair after she and her daughter were threatened by a man in Las Vegas parking lot.

Trump is also being sued by Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Trump around the same time as Daniels, and Summer Zervos, an Apprentice contestant who accused the billionaire of sexual harassment and is suing for defamation. Calls for comment to the White House, Cohen and lawyers for the men weren't immediately returned. In filings with the Justice Department and Federal Election Commission, watchdog groups have said the $130,000 may have exceeded campaign contribution limits, violating United States law. She said she'd slept with him once, shortly after Trump's wife, Melania, gave birth to the president's youngest son. Her spokeswoman said "she is focused on being a mom and is quite enjoying spring break at Mar-a-Lago while working on future projects".

He tried to cast doubt on the assertion of Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, that he used his own money to facilitate the payment to Daniels 11 days before the November 2016 presidential election. He said Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, should "cease and desist from making any further false and defamatory statements about my client".

David Schwartz, Cohen's friend and attorney in another matter, said in a statement that the motion to depose Trump and Cohen was "a reckless use of the legal system" aimed "to inflate Avenatti's deflated ego and keep himself relevant".

Donal Trump however, through his spokesman, denied having ay relationship with the porn star. She claims to have had an extramarital affair with Trump in 2006, and that a $130,000 payment she received from Cohen days before the 2016 presidential election was to keep the voting public from knowing the true depths of Trump's debauchery. The White House on Monday dismissed Daniel's claims in the CBS interview as "absolutely inaccurate and incoherent". "A guy walked up on me and said to me, 'Leave Trump alone".