The mystery of Alexa's eerie laugh has been solved


A lot of people have gotten used to Alexa hearing every word they're saying, but there are occasions when the smart assistant does something weird that reminds us how odd it is to have a digital robot around all the time.

The E-commerce company Amazon has added a new feature for its Alexa voice assistant that would let one make subsequent requests without needing to repeat one's Echo speaker's wake word. With the new mode, Alexa will listen 5 seconds after your previous request to see if you're wanting to ask another question. Some even said that it happened when they were falling asleep. Follow-up Mode is available on all Amazon Echo devices, and in select third-party Alexa devices. Once the light starts to fade, Alexa is officially go back to sleep mode and must be woken up again with "Hey, Alexa", or whatever work you decide to set as your custom wake word or phrase.

The report says that Alexa will only respond if it is "confident" that you're asking another question and that it's not just background noise. To fix the issue, Amazon is disabling that command and changing the trigger phrase to "Alexa, can you laugh?" Interestingly, Amazon says that users can now deliberately prevent Alexa from listening to commands by saying "stop" or "thank you".

To enable the Follow-Up Mode, open the Alexa app then head to the settings. The blue light Echo devices will stay on during the five seconds to show that the assistant is still listening. As of now, the "follow-up" mode is available only in English and works only when Alexa is not being used for another continual activity. But perhaps Amazon should focus on developing Alexa's smarts further so that it may one day be able to recognize multiple commands in the same sentence.