There She Goes Again: Hillary Paints Trump Supporters as Racists, Misogynists


During an event in Mumbai, India with Bollywood stars, Hillary Clinton was reportedly introduced as the "woman who should have been the president of the United States of America" and she told those gathered that America "did not deserve" President Trump.

Clinton made her remarks during a conversation about American politics at the India Today Conclave 2018 with India Today editor Aroon Purie.

"No, I have no plans to do that", she said, adding that she would do whatever it took to help the Democrats win in 2020. "He really likes their authoritarian posturing and behavior", she said during the event, according to The Washington Post.

Later, Clinton was asked about suspicions of collusion with Russian Federation and what Trump thinks of people like Vladimir Putin and other authoritarian-type leaders.

The host of the event pressed Clinton on whether she believes Russian Federation has "something" on Trump.

"I win the coasts", Clinton said. Assuming the video is actually of the former USA secretary of state, while walking down the stairs assisted by one man, Clinton lost her footing. That letter is the first known occurrence of Trump trying to personally reach out to Putin.

The former secretary of state wondered if she should have provided more "entertainment" during the presidential campaign.

"I'm the mother who says, 'Eat your spinach you'll grow up strong.' Someone else is saying, 'Eat all the fast food and the ice cream you can possibly stick in your mouth, ' " she said.