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The researchers found that young people who regularly consume cannabis actually see their cognitive function decrease.

This is great news as older studies like the one of Dr. Robert Heath, released back in 1974, claimed that marijuana use causes brain cells to die. That's when Sessions repudiated a policy inherited from the Obama administration that let individual states legalize recreational use without fear of federal intervention.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump had said that states should have the power to chart their own path on marijuana.

The North American Marijuana Index rose immediately following the announcement of the Gardner/Trump agreement, as did the United States Index, which saw a almost four-point jump.

Research about the effects that cannabis use has on adolescents and young adults often yields inconsistent results.

Study Conclusions: Although continued cannabis use may be associated with small reductions in cognitive functioning, results suggest that cognitive deficits are substantially diminished with abstinence.

But that downturn is starting to show signs of reversing since the news broke that Colorado Senator Cory Gardner (R) had reached a verbal agreement with president Trump that roughly amounts to ending his blockade of the president's DOJ nominees in exchange for support of a Congressional initiative to carve out federal protections for state-legal cannabis enterprises.

"Legalization of marijuana is a civil rights & economic issue - and Florida deserves a Governor who isn't afraid to say so", Gillum tweeted.

As soon as the news broke, marijuana stocks predictably soared. Specifically, cognitive functioning appeared to return to normal after about 72 hours of marijuana abstinence - a threshold identified in previous studies, according to Scott. Most potential investors with a basic working understanding of the current policy picture know that enforcement crackdowns and law enforcement raids are no longer the main liability presented by the Schedule I status of cannabis - it's all about the money.

"When you put all of these studies together that have different definitions of marijuana users and are from different times, it's not surprising that you'd get a smaller effect size", Sabet said.

"The other thing that's important to highlight is that we're only looking at cognitive functioning".