Amazon Echo, Echo Dot price in India dropped after Google Home launch


With the 30% discount, the Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Plus were priced at Rs. 3,149, Rs. 6,999 and Rs. 10,499 respectively.

The Amazon Echo lineup of speakers was launched in India in October 2017 and was available via an invite system. In fact, as the company wearily repeats nearly weekly, Echo devices do not, and can not, send voice recordings back to Amazon unless they have heard one of the preselected "wake words", such as "Alexa", "Echo" or "computer". That seems somewhat noteworthy - the Echo Show is the older of the two devices, but Amazon seems to see more momentum with the lower-priced Echo Spot. Also, the higher version of the speaker, the Echo which retails at Rs 9,999 can be bought at Rs 16,998 when bought two at a time.

"Echo Spot combines the popular small design of Echo Dot with the added benefit of a display, and the features you love about Alexa into a stylish and compact device", he said. The world's largest e-commerce giant recently revealed that its Alexa voice assistant has over 12,000 skills in India. That said, the list of Canadian-supported Alexa skills is growing, and now includes CBC, Uber, TELUS, The Weather Network, Air Canada, and more. Skills, for your reference, are all the voice-powered apps that run on all Echo devices.

The Amazon Echo has been created to answer to its wake word whenever it is spoken in its proximity.

Google is yet to implement customised skills for Google Home. Google's Home shares a lot in common with the Echo, as far as functionality, is concerned.

While I like how cleverly the Home ties up with all your Google services and how seamless casting is, the best part about it - as opposed to the Echo - is that it uses a two-word wake command (Okay Google), and not one (Alexa) so chances of you accidentally triggering it are far less. For instance, the patent suggests: "If the user mentions how much the user would like to go to a restaurant while on the phone, a recommendation might be sent while the user is still engaged in the conversation that enables the user to make a reservation at the restaurant".

Now Playing: Watch this: The Amazon Echo Spot might be the smartest alarm clock. What I am trying to say here is that both the Home and Echo have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Whatever be the case, the smart speaker market, is now opening up in India, and that's a good thing for buyers looking to invest in such a technology.