Art Bell Dies on Friday the 13th at Age 72


Art Bell, the longtime radio personality and host of "Coast to Coast AM" has died at age 72.

Eccentric radio host Art Bell passed away at his Pahrump home Friday, according to the Nye County Sherriff's Office.

Bell permanently left the weekday edition of Coast to Coast AM in 2002 and George Noory took over the weekday hosting duties for Coast to Coast AM on January 1, 2003.

The program focused on Mr. Bell's conspiracy theories and his fascination with the paranormal and unexplained phenomena such as UFOs and crop circles. He would famously start out his broadcasts, "From the kingdom of Nye", an ode to Nye County, where Pahrump is located. He later founded and put KNYE 95.1 FM on the air in Pahrump.

Coast to Coast AM is aired on over 300 radio stations in the USA and Canada.

Throughout Bell's Nationwide Radio Corridor of Fame induction in 2008, his former enterprise accomplice, Alan Corbeth, mentioned nobody was higher than Bell at understanding "how you can create theater of the thoughts". More recently he was involved in the creation and production of the overnight talk show Midnight in the Desert on the Dark Matter Digital Network.

An autopsy is scheduled in coming days to determine the cause of death.

Mr. Bell, who grew up in a military family, became an FCC-licensed radio technician by the age of 13, according to the "Coast to Coast AM" website.