Aussie wins shock gold amid opponent's anger and tears


One-third of Cameroon's athletes competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have been reported missing, amid fears they have defected in Australia.

"Some of the decisions have been really bad lately, for Australia, I don't know how they can get away with it.

Gold Coast. are missing from their respective rooms in the Games village", the team later said in a statement.

Mr Lyonga called on the athletes to re-join the team, saying that they would not face consequences in Cameroon.

While acknowledging it was unknown why the athletes had fled, Cr Dobie said it was perhaps not shocking.

Mr Nso said the team's officials and remaining athletes, including basketball players and two weightlifters, have already left Australia.

Speaking on radio station Triple J's "Hack" program, president of the Refugee Council of Australia, Paul Power, explained why the athletes from Cameroon may have walked out.

The missing boxers are Simplice Fotsala, Arsene Fokou, Christian Ndzie Tchoyi, Ulrich Yombo, and Christelle Ndiang.

There were also three weightlifters - Olivier Matam Matam, Petit Minkoumba and Arcangeline Fouodji Sonkbou.

Games officials are stumped over the whereabouts of the Cameroonian athletes, five of whom are boxers and three of whom are weightlifters.

Molombe expressed sadness following the disappearance of the eight athletes.

'I had a little chat to them right before I went in and they were definitely there with me, ' Nicolson said.

"But to be able to get refugee status, they would actually have to prove that if they returned to Cameroon they would face a well-founded fear of persecution due to their political opinion, religious belief or ethnicity".

Out of those who went missing, six competed without winning medals, while two absconded before they had competed. "There is a mechanism in place, they haven't breached their visas, but it is a manner for their own Commonwealth Games association to monitor and no doubt they will", Mr Beattie said. If there is a breach then Peter Dutton and his department will deal with it.

Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive David Grevemberg said it was disappointing that some of the athletes did not compete as scheduled.

"Until it becomes a real issue in terms of visas and so forth, we would obviously need to take that very seriously".

Cameroon said the group had valid Australian visas until 15 May.