Barbara Bush in great spirits and feisty, source says


A statement was made Sunday about former First Lady Barbara Bush's health and it's not good.

CNN reports that Bush is at her home in Houston and has declined going back to the hospital to receive additional treatment.

She is the mother of George W. Bush, the 43rd US president.

Through his struggle, Barbara Bush learned illiteracy was a well-kept secret in schools and the alarming statistics left her determined to make a change.

After a series of health complications requiring hospitalizations, Barbara Bush [92] has decided she does not want to seek further medical help, only comfort care.

The family of Jacob Thompson, the nine-year-old Saco boy who received well-wishes and Christmas cards from hundreds of thousands of people around the world, is thanking former first lady, Barbara Bush, and wishing her well as she faces her latest health battle. "She is surrounded by a family she adores, and appreciates the many kind messages and especially the prayers she is receiving", the statement read.

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy began during her White House years, with a goal to improve the lives of disadvantaged Americans by boosting literacy among parents and their children.

"I'm not sure God will recognize me; I have so many new body parts!" she joked. "She was a greater conscience to her husband, to her sons, to her daughter and to those who had the benefit of being in her proximity". "You've got to think of something better than yourself and your daily life and do something good for others every day".

Over the years in ME, it became a familiar sight: Barbara Bush visiting hospitals in ME, often reading to children. After he returned on leave, she dropped out of Smith College, and the two married in January 1945. They have six children, 17 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Her brown hair began to gray in the 1950s when Robin became ill. She's the best grandmother that anybody could ever have. Her pearls sparked a national fashion trend when she wore them to her husband's inauguration in 1989. The candid admission only bolstered her common sense and down-to-earth public image.

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy has distributed tens of millions of dollars in grants.

This is a woman who has led an extraordinary life of service to her family and to her country.