Bodies Of Woman, 1-Year-Old Found In South Texas Park


US Border Patrol agents walked a handcuffed, injured, and unidentified man across the border to Mexico and attempted to leave him there because "he looks like" he's Mexican, a new video published by NBC News on Wednesday shows.

Agents assigned to the Yuma Station came upon a large group of 61 illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border Monday afternoon near the San Luis Port of Entry in southern Arizona.

In the video, the U.S, border agents eventually allowed the man to stay on the American side of the border, where they lost track of him for almost a month, until he was finally taken to be processed at the Mexican consulate. The repatriation process includes confirming the person's identity as well as fingerprinting. It was learned the agent had been dating the 27-year-old woman.

"You don't even know if he's Mexican or not", the Mexican officer says, insisting that the USA agents must follow protocol. "You don't even know if he's Mexican or not".

U.S. agent: As far as I know, he's also going back to his.

The agent replies, "He looks like it". The man was taken to the hospital after a woman called police over his "erratic" behavior. "CBP takes all allegations of mistreatment seriously, and does not tolerate actions that are not consistent with our core values of Vigilance, Service to Country and Integrity".

NBC News said it obtained the video from Customs and Border Protection, the agency that oversees the Border Patrol, after a whistleblower alerted the network to the footage's existence. He was eventually picked up and identified as a Mexican national who had been arrested 16 times and sent back to Mexico.

Mexican nationals can be sent back across the border only if they are properly repatriated through the Mexican consulate, a process that includes fingerprinting and confirming the person's identity, according to an agreement between the USA and Mexico.