Cambridge Analytica fights back on data scandal


In a parliamentary hearing that lasted two hours, Mr. Kogan denied wrongdoing but said he should have been clearer that the information he was collecting from users might be used for political purposes.

Cambridge Analytica is also under scrutiny over campaigning for the 2016 referendum when Britons voted to leave the EU.

The co-founders of a B.C. company at the centre of the global scandal over the alleged inappropriate use of Facebook data are defending their work in support of political campaigns around the globe.

He later shared the information with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica, which worked for President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign.

The co-founders of a Canadian firm tied to the worldwide Facebook data controversy argued Tuesday that their seven-employee political consultancy has never broken the law - and only offers electoral support comparable to traditional door-knocking, phone canvassing and lawn signs. Cambridge Analytica is no "Bond villain", he said. Cambridge Analytica will later address Kogan's remarks at a briefing. Mr. Kogan said the data turned out to be of zero value to the company, and his app was less effective at targeting consumers than Facebook's traditional advertising.

"That's a fabrication", Kogan told committee Chairman Damian Collins.

The Cambridge University figure at the centre of the Facebook data scandal has claimed that the social network regularly handed its user data to academics without questioning how it would be used.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the #DeleteFacebook movement got a lot of press.

Wylie worked for SCL Group 2013 and 2014.

In his testimony Tuesday, Silvester said AggregateIQ has always complied with laws in Canada and overseas.

Efforts by volunteers and political candidates themselves to persuade voters are no different from the work of AggregateIQ, he added.

Cambridge Analytica is in the midst of a data mining scandal involving the world's largest social network that has already been the subject of Congressional hearings.

"You choose where you want it go, you put your message on there and people drive by and see it". Many committee members seemed unconvinced by the responses.

"The idea that this data is accurate, I would say, is scientifically ridiculous", he told a committee of United Kingdom.

"I think that core idea that we had - that everybody knows and nobody cares - was fundamentally flawed", he said.

In a news conference that followed the committee meeting, Silvester told reporters his company creates software for clients that's similar to tools designed for and used by Canada's three major political parties. "We did everything together", he said. "And so if that idea is wrong, then what we did was not right and was not wise".

Mr. Kogan on Tuesday said Facebook had unfairly singled him out and denied breaking Facebook's rules, saying that the company doesn't have a valid policy for app developers.

Wylie continued working for the Liberal leader's office under Michael Ignatieff until 2009, when his contract wasn't renewed.