Casey Group leads gender pay disparity In Rochdale


Following the celebration of Equal Pay Day earlier this week, Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced a new scheme which will aim to promote women's economic empowerment and close the gender wage gap.

The report itself concludes that the underlying cause of the pay gap is a "very clear and continuous decline" in the number of women in more senior academic positions.

These numbers reflect the difference in men's and women's typical earnings, using the median earnings of women and men full-time, year-round workers, and are impacted by the many discriminatory barriers to equal pay-including lower pay for women in the same job; the segregation of women into lower-paying jobs and exclusion of women from higher-paying, nontraditional jobs; bias against women with caregiving responsibilities; and lack of workplace policies to allow workers to care for families without paying a stiff economic penalty.

The gap does not consider that, on average, women work less hours than men and are less experienced than their male counterparts. PayScale found that women earned an average of 98 cents on the dollar. Pegasus Group and Indigo Planning also said they do not have a figure, though Pegasus said it would produce one shortly. The Guardian reported on some of the worst offenders, including JP Morgan, tech giant Apple and Irish low-priced airline Ryanair.

This is despite Conde Nast's employees being 74 per women across the business as of the snapshot reporting date of 5 April - with the top earners made up of 63 per cent women. In other words, when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn approximately 84p for every £1 that men earn. The study looked at gender and pay for more than 1.3 million employees at 777 USA companies. Becky spoke eloquently and honestly at last year's Women in Wholesale conference and we have increased our backing for this event with another senior manager presenting this year as well as Greg Suszczenia, joint Parfetts MD, participating as a mentor this year. "It is a feature of the aviation industry that more males than females choose to enter the pilot profession".

The group's chief executive, Nick Hugh, has set 2025 as the year by which the company must achieve a zero pay gap, saying it "demonstrates where we see the future of The Telegraph". In Sweden, known for its liberal views, just 36% of respondents felt that equal pay was the most important; in the United Kingdom, 30%. If you want more like this, head over to Science As Fact.

The gig economy should offer women the flexibility they desire at work
The gig economy should offer women the flexibility they desire at work Credit Getty Getty

The supermarket said that around 70% of its lower-paid in-store customer assistant roles were held by women, while positions that attracted a higher rate of pay - such as those with unsocial working patterns or "craft food skills" - received fewer female applicants. In Utah, a woman would have to work until she's 77 years old to make what a man makes by the time he is 60 years old.

Many reports have suggested that the gender wage gap has gotten slightly better to women making about 80 cents to a man's dollar, but this research is highly misleading.

"There is evidence that universities remain discriminatory in their practices", he told Nature.

Our sympathies are with all those affected, male or female - GroceryAid will need our increased support to continue its good work with them.

"One of the key battlegrounds on this front is the recruitment process - as encouraging women into traditionally male roles is hard without first addressing the gender segregation inherent in many recruitment processes". That's certainly a factor, but it's one of many factors that contribute to structural inequality that, while it isn't necessarily bolstered intentionally or with malice, needs to be addressed.