Choli Ke Peeche Choreographer Saroj Khan shockingly defends casting couch


Watch the following video of Saroj Khan saying the above-quoted text:The three-time national award victor for choreography, Saroj Khan was heavily condemned for her statement on casting couch and its comparison with rape.

When the three-time National Award-winning choreographer was asked about the evil existing in the film industry, she slammed the reporters asking, "Why are you targeting the film industry?" adding, "It does not rape and leave you". Some one or the other always tries to take advantage of a girl. Tum film industry ke peeche kyun pade ho?

After hearing Saroj Khan's statements, one can't help but wonder if she ever made younger women under her feel that things such as casting couch were, in fact, the only way to go.
Asking not to highlight only the film industry on this issue while the government is doing the same, Saroj Khan said at least the film industry is not raping and leaving them. Film industry ka naam nahi lena wo humari mai baap hai. Same goes for her statement that it's happening since the time of Baba Azam. "Saroj Khan madam, you are an elder, so I should respect you". If you don't want to fall in the wrong hands, you won't. In this time of #Metoo campaign, such regressive statements, especially from a woman, takes us many steps back! If you have art, then why would you sell yourself?

"Coming to the point, I know many women like me who have been victims of the casting couch". However, veteran choreographer Saroj Khan has a reply that can be called freaky at best.

While she has acknowledged the existence of this practise, there are several other members of the industry who continue to categorically deny it. "This is a place where we are casting, forging a new Tamil Nadu", he said adding that he is "duty-bound to answer the tacky question" because he is from the industry. Do you agree with what she had to say?

"Casting couch is taking away privileges from women and using it for your personal benefit or in lieu of any compensation".