Does Congress even understand Facebook?


So for those who would be willing to pay for Facebook, how much would they be willing to pay?

"We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them".

But for many lawmakers, Zuckerberg's carefully worded answers fell short of addressing the platform's security settings and the increasing concerns about making privacy a priority.

"There will always be a version of Facebook that is free", Zuckerberg told the hearing.

Zuckerberg explained today that Facebook's audits of data harvesting by outside apps would take "many months" to complete.

"The Cambridge Analytica scandal has simply exposed in a dramatic way what many people have been pointing out for many years - that this is Facebook's business model". Every click you make, every emoji you send, every photo you upload, every place you visit while the Facebook app is installed in your phone, on occasions even every call you make and message you send, is recorded by Facebook.

Although Facebook may be forced to stop using tracking non-users in the European Union, that may not be the case in the USA and elsewhere, even if the company has promised to bring GDPR privacy controls to everyone. No, this is a different profile from what your friends see on your Facebook page.

Facebook has disclosed that posts from a Russian company known for pushing Kremlin propaganda had reached the news feeds of 126 million users. You click on that I Agree button while using Facebook services. And it does so without their permission.

"It is a combination of both", Zuckerberg told him.

Three senators introduced privacy legislation on Tuesday that would require users' permission to collect and share their data. But the USA lawmakers were still angry. Listen to this exchange between Democrat Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico and Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg said he wasn't familiar with the term, but promised to report back to Congress about how many data points Facebook collects on non-users. And Facebook knows that as long as your 2 billion friends are online, you're probably not going anywhere.

Perhaps more than any other senator during the five hours of questioning, Mr Durbin's tactic put a finger on the crux of the issue surrounding Facebook's failure to maintain control of the private information of tens of millions of users, amid a scandal over the gathering of personal data used to target political advertising and messaging during the 2016 presidential race. Yet, through the browser cookies, and its like buttons, or through Facebook sign in that many websites use, the social media giant tracks and scoops data on people.

The Information Regulator at the Department of Justice has reached out to Facebook after news that 59 777 South Africans were affected by the data breach.

But if you haven't seen anything on your newsfeed yet, you might not be in the clear. Facebook confirmed to Wired that the app requested access to the inbox using the "read_mailbox" permission. Facebook can not verify whether data was accessed if you previously deleted your account. So this is a failure of market competition the fact that they have allowed Facebook to become so big that it now can potentially be easily controlled by the competition law and controlled because there isn't anywhere else for anybody to go to exit Facebook get out or that kind of thing.