Donald Trump, France's Emmanuel Macron to discuss Iran nuclear deal next week


A senior US administration official has told reporters that President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron will discuss the Iran nuclear agreement at the White House when they meet next week.

Trump has threated to pull out of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal signed by the US and other world powers and Iran.

Trump has set a May 12 deadline to either improve or scrap the accord, which was negotiated under his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Under Iran's settlement with the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China, Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear program to satisfy the powers that it could not be used to develop atomic bombs.

"We were able to impose unprecedented scrutiny on the Iranian nuclear program, dismantle most of their nuclear enrichment facilities, and drastically diminish the danger of a nuclear arms race", reads a statement signed by some 500 MPs from the German, British, and French national parliaments and posted online on April 19.

European diplomats have been shuttling to Washington to lobby Congress and the White House not to pull out of the deal, which is criticized by Trump, his supporters and Israel of simply delaying the day when Tehran can acquire a nuclear weapon.

Trump demands the elimination of clauses for some of the restrictions the USA places on Iran from the nuclear deal, stronger inspection rules and limitation to Iran's development of long-range missiles.

"Iran has a wide range of options both inside and outside of the JCPOA (the nuclear deal) and surely the reaction from Tehran and the global community will be unpleasant for the Americans", Zarif told reporters upon arrival in NY.

The Iran nuclear deal - which hits a major deadline next month - will be a "major topic of discussion" during Trump and Macron's discussions, the official said.