Evan Rachel Wood Reveals Why She Turned Down Starring In 'Mean Girls'


After years in the business, Evan Rachel Wood has finally received the same pay as her male co-stars, starting with her work on Westworld. I was like, 'I have never been paid the same as my male counterparts.

"I think what's really interesting about the show is that, especially this season, we're watching humans lose all the power and have to struggle with what that means for them, and we're watching the hosts gain autonomy and get to decide who they are", Woodward revealed.

Season two of Westworld premieres on Sunday on HBO. But Tina, if you're here, I'm so sorry we got off on the wrong foot.

"Because I'm like, well, you know, you're Anthony Hopkins". The Westworld star appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night where she admitted after all these years that she could have appeared in Mean Girls.

Unfortunately, Pretty Persuasion did not go on to achieve the cult status Mean Girls has, but Wood did get to work with Fey's future 30 Rock co-star Jane Krakowski in the film.

Evan Rachel Wood's hair might not be unusually big, but it is apparently full of secrets. "It's more about if you're getting paid fairly, or the same, or if you're getting paid less simply because you're a woman, that's not fair", she said. But after "Thirteen" and "Pretty Persuation", you can't blame her for wanting to break away from the high-school roles for fear of typecasting.

According to the executive, the network is now working toward successfully bridging the gap in salary and opportunities between their male and female employees.

"When you're putting a show together, people come in with different levels of experience and maybe some people have won awards or something that makes them stand out", Bloys explains, adding that when a successful show is in its second or third season, it's harder to justify giving people disparate salaries.

Just so you know, Tina actually was a guest on the episode as well!