Fortnite's guided missiles removed with the new update


"We now have no ETA on when servers will be back up". The game is widely popular over the globe as it is available for absolutely free of cost with in-app purchases feature. Know more about this update!

Celebrities, athletes and various high-profile personalities alike have expressed their love for the game, with Fortnite becoming a "pop culture" icon at the turn of 2018.

As of 2:10 a.m. ET (the most recent update), the company said it was still working on the issue and Fortnite was still down.

On Thursday however, it seemed that the maintenance rather ruined some aspects of the game's server performance, and users we're struggling to log into the game. This could be related to bug issue and would be up for a while. However, this time the mode has been rebranded as "50 v 50 v2", and will offer a faster loot collection time along with more weapon spawns.

You have to wonder if these constant issues are partly down to Epic's determination to constantly keep the game updated, deploying fresh content when it isn't necessarily ready or tested in the right environment.

Fixed an issue that broke player's walking/sprinting animations if they were firing a Guided Missile while walking/sprinting. Apparently the outage has been caused by a "database failure", which has been preventing logins across all of Epic's services including its games, its websites, and its launcher.

However, it's having a knock on effect on the game, as Epic have decided that they need to postpone the 50v50 V2 event that was set to take place this weekend. We can't wait to see what you create. Controls allow you to speed up or slow down the replay and focus on the action that is most important to you.

Dauntless' promises to bring a quality social monster hunting experience to PC, and soon all players will be able to get in on the action as the game enters Open Beta in late May.