GC2018: Scotland's Callum collapses in closing stages of today's marathon


Commonwealth Games organisers are under fire for the delay in getting help to a stricken Scottish athlete who collapsed with heatstroke while leading the men's marathon with just 2 kilometres to go.

In a statement, Team Scotland said: "Callum has been taken to hospital for medical review following his collapse as is standard procedure".

The Gold Coast organising committee, GOLDOC, have defended the location and number of medical staff available, and point to the fact that an athlete has to request medical attention as any intervention on their part results in disqualification. Hawkins had about a two-minute lead over Shelley but became disoriented at about the 38-kilometer mark of the 42.2-kilometer-long race.

Ugandan Munyo Mutai took the silver, with Scotland's Robbie Simpson taking bronze. You can not just wait at the finish line.

His team-mate Saidi Juma Makula collapsed close to the finish line - one of seven of the 24 starters who did not complete the race - and was helped into an ambulance.

"I'm just concerned for his welfare", he said.

"I've spent the last four weeks with Callum and he's been great for me, giving me confidence and showing me how the best guys prepare so I learned a lot".

"I seen him (Callum) on the Sundale Bridge and ... merely tried to carry on".

Securing gold in front of a home crowd was "special", Shelley said, but he also struggled with the conditions. "I just tried to hang on".

"I'm glad to be finished to be honest", added Shelley.

"The support from the crowd was awesome".

The final events played out a few hours before the closing ceremony, where Gold Coast will hand the baton to 2022 hosts Birmingham. "I live here and train here all the time".

In a heartwrenching moment, the Scot watched Australian opponent Michael Shelley run past him and claim gold.

The 37-year-old's global career came to a close with a time of 1:30:26 to win by over a minute ahead of John Smith and Simon Lawson, who claimed two medals for England.

Hawkins, speaking from hospital, said: "Thanks for all your messages of support today and to the Gold Coast University Hospital staff". He had broken the field and had a large lead when this happened near the 40k mark. Marathons are tough and today I knew the conditions were hot and it was going to be brutal. "They told me to keep going and gave me encouragement".

Team-mate Jade Jones also came third in the women's T54 event on the final day of the Commonwealth Games.

"I've been in the same situation in the heat and I was hallucinating", said Simpson. "I mean it, trust me, I'm coming with everything I've got".

Viewers watching the race on TV slammed Games organisers for their slow medical response with many horrified that fans took photos of the fallen runner.