'Ghost Recon Wildlands' Is Free This Weekend, With A 'Splinter Cell' Update


The man himself appears in a new mission that comes with the Special Operations update. The operation sees Fisher arriving in Bolivia to track down a mysterious individual who has apparently taken something valuable from the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Ubisoft has confirmed that Splinter Cell superhero Sam Fisher-voiced by original voice actor Michael Ironside, or someone who sounds an bad lot like him-is coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands in a special "crossover event" that's coming as part of the Special Operation 1, the first of four major updates planned for the game's second year. Ubisoft says it will be: "Available on all platforms and will give newcomers the opportunity to try out everything, including Ghost War PvP mode, Predator mission and Special Operation I". Part of Special Operations I is a crossover between these two series with Sam Fisher teaming up with the Ghosts for a mission. It will be initially available to those with the Year 2 pass or by purchasing it with Prestige points. Players can tackle it solo or in co-op and it's described by Ubisoft as "one of the most hard missions the Ghosts have ever faced". After voicing him for the first several games in the series, Ironside was replaced by Eric Johnson for 2013's "Splinter Cell Blacklist". Players can start downloading the game on 12th April and can play for free until 15th April.

The Splinter Cell-themed mission will go live in Ghost Recon Wildlands on 10th April for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The limited-time reward for completing the mission will net players their very own pair of Sam Fisher-grade night-vision goggles. The mission itself will be permanently added as part of Special Operations I, but you'll have to complete it before the special challenge concludes on May 16 to get the rewards.