Kentucky House Rebukes Bevin For Saying Teacher Protest Caused Child Abuse


"I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them", Bevin said Friday.

"I grew up surrounded by an appreciation that this is not an easy task", he said of teaching. "I know a tremendous amount of people didn't fully appreciate what I was communicating".

The statewide teachers union called for lawmakers to override Bevin's vetoes of the two-year state budget and revenue bills, which set aside more money for public education than the governor's proposed spending plan. So that just kind of makes me angry'.

At a video statement on Sunday, Bevin stated: & "I'm sorry each of youpersonally, that has been hurt by things I't explained".

Bevin said that households from their state had been forced to abandon children at home and in peril of not sexual assault, but of eating poison or being offered medication for the very first time. The surge of activism is enough to cast doubts on whether Republicans can keep control of the state House of Representatives in the fall and whether Bevin, an ally of the Trump administration, could survive a re-election campaign in 2019.

Democrats quickly condemned Bevin's comments.

The GOP-led state House approved a pair of resolutions condemning Bevin's comments Saturday. "I can't defend it", she said.

On Friday, Senate President Robert Stivers said he would hate it if Bevin's comments "marred" his accomplishments. But he scoffed at the notion of Republican rule being in jeopardy.

"And so the extent that I try this effectively, nice".

Republican Rep. Jim DuPlessis has seen it in his district. Now, some confront him with "a different mentality than they ever had before".

Bevin was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Republican Party of Wisconsin's convention in May in downtown Milwaukee. He noted the pension changes they passed do not affect current or retired teachers, and once people realize that "I think a lot of this will go by the wayside".

'It's my responsibility to represent you, not only when I'm speaking to you, but when I'm speaking on your behalf in ways that are clear, that are understood, that don't hurt people and don't confuse people, ' he said.

Bevin took to social media after nationwide backlash for saying children were being sexually abused while being left alone as teachers rallied in Frankfort to urge lawmakers to override his vetoes of an operating budget.