Kevin Hart Reconciles with Cheating on Wife Eniko Parrish in J


Kevin Hart has been feeling pretty judged lately.

The comedian stars in J.Cole's new video for "Kevin's Heart", which was obviously inspired by the "Jumanji" star's alleged sex and extortion scandal from a year ago. The video aims to examine it and also impart a broader message about ego, vanity, fame and temporary satisfaction that often leads to long-term negative consequences. Cole is refusing to take things slow lately, dropping his latest album, KOD only a few days after its announcement, releasing the excellent video for "ATM", and now releasing yet another video from the album, this time for "Kevin's Heart". Vulture points out J. Cole and Hart are "longtime buddies", so it's only natural they would team up to make Hart's personal struggles a part of the artistic expression that is KOD.

While the content of the five-minute video stems from a pretty serious place, Hart manages to inject a good amount of humor into his performance.

Kevin Hart and longtime pal J. Cole team up for the singer's new track "Kevin's Heart". An unidentified person released a video of a woman engaging in sexual acts with a man alleged to be Hart.